About The Company

Since 2009, Brainewave Consulting has been solving the most difficult technology problems with intelligence and competence for clients in New York City and beyond. Our holistic and thorough approach to problem solving is what sets us apart from our competitors; we go to great lengths to make whatever we work on the best it can possibly be.


Our company believes that everyone should be empowered by ongoing advancements in computing. We are committed to improving humanity's understanding of itself and its place in the universe, and driving lasting change that makes life better for all.


To these ends: we will solve problems elegantly and effectively with cultivated expertise, we will lead ourselves and our clients toward new insights and innovations with creative thinking, and we will strive to achieve the best outcomes possible by building optimal technological solutions.


About The Founder

Mike Caprio has been a product-focused software engineer and problem solver for his entire career, since graduating with a Bachelors in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Over the last two decades he has been employed as an engineer and consultant across a wide swath of industries, developing a broad and diverse range of experience working at Fortune 50 companies like ExxonMobil and Johnson & Johnson, and as an innovation consultant for the American Museum of Natural History, eBay, TIME Inc., and Viacom.

Mike is a community leader in the exclusive, worldwide StartupBus network of top tech professionals (an organization which produces what is widely considered the world’s most difficult hackathon across four continents). He was also the founder and lead organizer of the 1700+ member Space Apps NYC chapter of the NASA Space Apps Challenge (NASA’s incubator innovation program and the world’s biggest global hackathon) and produced the first five Space Apps NYC hackathons. Starting in 2014, Mike began producing hackathons for AMNH BridgeUp: STEM including the “Hack The Universe”, “Hack The Dinos”, and "Hack The Stacks" events to advance open science. He is also a published regular columnist and a featured contributor in multiple periodicals.