Hackathon Events


The most innovative companies in the world have made hackathons a fundamental part of their operations - companies like Facebook, Netflix, and Google practically have them encoded into their corporate DNA. And yet many organizations have found it extremely difficult to justify using the hackathon model for anything crucial to their business. They realize there is clearly something to it, but don't know how to properly harness the "magic" of a hackathon. In the best cases, their hackathon efforts fall just short of creating real solutions to their problems; and in the worst cases, they make catastrophic business decisions and court public relations disasters.

Brainewave has participated in, conceived, planned, and executed some of the best and most productive hackathon events in the world. We understand the best ways to focus the creative flow of hackathon participants, how to maximize time, and how to inspire people to build optimal solutions with the resources they have available. Our team will help you get the greatest return on investment, whether it's for internal innovation ("Innopreneurship"), for events with a mix of internal and external participants, or for external promotion and dissemination of your newest technologies (APIs, data sets, toolkits).

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